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Factors That Can Increase Your Site’s Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to traffic that comes to your site by clicking on the link from the search results and you have not to pay anything for it.

For example, when your website comes to the search results of Google or Bing and gets click by the user, then this type of user counted as organic traffic.

It is the primary goal of any marketer to get organic traffic for their site. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to do your work consistently with have some patience. Apart from that, there are some factors which can spoil your search ranking. You need to avoid them. You have to be aware of such factors that can build or damage your site’s traffic. So use them carefully.

Quality Content

Your content is the main focus point that can drive more traffic for you. If you are providing valuable information that they are searching for they will definitely love it and promote it. But your content is not relevant and useful then you will not be able to get organic traffic. Even Google also prioritize sites that have good content on a regular basis.


Optimization is the way to get more traffic for your site. If it is not optimized for your keywords, content, images, etc. then it will not be positioned into top rankings.

  • Use the keywords that are most searchable by people and implement these keywords into your Title, Meta title, content, etc. 
  • Use Alt tags with an image.
  • To make your content more shareable, provide social media buttons at the end of your content. As we know that social media strategies are the best to promote your content and get traffic to your site.

Analytics Tool

By using analytics tools, you can analyze the performance of your page. You can also optimize the ways that are helpful to get more traffic for your site. You can get insights into the pages that are not working properly and improve them to get back traffic.

Proper indexed Pages

If you want that Users crawl your site easily, then you must ensure that your pages are properly indexed or not, your content is organized or not. If it is not mapping out properly, you can lose your audience.

Slow Page Speed

If your page speed is slow that it can affect your organic traffic and it can be the reason for increasing the bounce rate and decreasing conversion rate and it directly influences your conversion for your website. People don’t want to open a site that’s speed is slow. It sets a bad reputation in the user’s mind for a long time so you could be losing your enormous amount of visitors. So, if you want to boost website conversion rate, you must ensure that your page speed is not slow

Doing Black Hat SEO

Avoid to do black hat SEO this can penalize your site. It includes- Keyword stuffing, adding unrelated keywords, doorway pages, copy-paste content, misleading content, etc. Spiders can easily recognize the site that is using black hat SEO. Apply always white hat tactics to avoid penalties and low rankings.

To improve your search engine rankings, you need to increase your SEO traffic. If you provide more organic traffic then it is signal for Google that your site is providing good quality content. So use the above methods to get organic traffic.


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